Notes carried forward

This was originally written to my ladies for our Bible study, but I was burdened to share with YOU. 
What does it mean to be in Christ?
 Where can He be found?
Are we following Him? (in Bible study, and in our daily activities)
We need to become disciplined
 FOCUS: put (and keep) eyes on Him.
“I cannot judge myself; Lord, please judge me”
What word would God use to describe you?  (Pray about this)
The source of depression is evil
Distraction is evil.
How do our trials effect others–those we love so much and those we are acquainted with?
He is always doing work in us!
He is our Lion, our Warrior!
He is my Knight in shining armor .
Jesus’ business is to heal the damage we inherited.  His power takes the place of that which we let go of.
Surrender and focus.
If you do nothing else today, watch this!

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I am just a woman in this world.

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