Karma barks, but does not bite…

If I believed in karma, I would be in fear always.  What an awful idea.

In modern terms, karma means, “you have it coming to you.”  In other words, every bad thing that happens to you, happens because you deserve it. On the flip side, every good thing that happens is a direct result of some good you have performed.

Karma is a belief that originated in Hinduism. While it is quite complex, it basically means that every action, thought, or piece of advice you give that is “bad” is put into an account (as a debt).  As you live your life, that account needs to be balanced, so the bad is returned to you in circumstances.  If you die before that account is balanced, you will be reincarnated and have to repay all that bad karma you created in the past life in addition to the bad karma you cause in your new life.  Good deeds cancel out bad deeds. The cycle continues until you have a balanced account.  This ideology explains why people suffer.

Is that why my best friend died when she was only 17? Is that why I had to endure a plethora of horrifying assaults against my body as a teenager? Is this why my grandpa got cancer?  Is that why I lost my unborn baby? Is that why I wrecked my car? Is that why I stubbed my toe this morning?


Here is what happened:

I was born into a broken world.  I sinned.


I owed a debt I could not pay.

I needed Jesus to wash away my sins

And now I sing a brand new song

“Amazing Grace” all day long!

My Jesus paid a debt.

A debt I could not pay.


See? Karma is a fallacy. I get nothing I deserve!


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