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I found this picture today and decided it is pretty comical.

Sadly many think the Gospels are just four different version of the same story.

The Gospels are not four versions of the life of Jesus; they are four accounts.  Each author had a specific audience he was trying to reach with his account of the life of Christ.  2 writers were disciples of Jesus, 1 writer was a disciple of Peter, and another was a disciple of Paul (who began his research as a skeptic). Each has his own purpose.  Each illuminates the glory of Christ in his own unique way.

If you want to know how Jesus fulfilled the Law, study Matthew.

If you want to concentrate on Jesus’ ministry, the miracles, and healing power of Christ, read Mark.

If you want to read a biographical account, read Luke.  The guy did his research, and it took years!

John is separate from the Synoptic Gospels because it begins by acknowledging Christ as the Everlasting Word. This gospel shows the life of Christ in the realization of who He is from the beginning.  Whereas the Synoptic Gospels reveal Christ as the Messiah as the story unfolds, John reveals Him as that immediately.

If you want to really challenge yourself, read the four Gospels, one right after the other. Don’t just read them; meditate and learn them.

After all, this is the Christ we pledge our adoration to.  Isn’t it important to know Him in our minds as well as our heart?

I challenge you, no matter how old you are, or how many times you have read them,  to read these Gospels separately  but as a whole in a short period of time.

Your mind will be blown away by His glory.

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