Wait and Don’t…or Do and Wait

Waiting is not my forte. Is it because I wait so much that it irritates me so to wait? Or is it the fact that I still need to learn to wait that I keep waiting?

What exactly am I waiting for?

It could be genius. Yes, that’s it-

Or maybe a miracle…

Perhaps a breakthrough.

Is it possible that God is waiting on me?

John 2: 1-11: The first Miracle.

What was the purpose of the first miracle? There was a wedding feast and they were out of wine.

How did Jesus get involved? His mother told him they were out of wine.  When he told her his time had not yet come, she turned to the servants and said “whatever he says, do it.”

If it wasn’t his time yet, why did Jesus get involved? They needed Him.

Did Jesus just magically turn water into wine? No, first he told the servants to fill the jugs with water.  Then, he told them to take a serving to the master of the feast.  When the master took a drink, it was wine. Nobody was aware that it had been water, “but the servants who had drawn water knew” (v. 9).

The miracle here is not so much that Jesus turned water into wine.  It was the fact that the servants obeyed him. What would have happened to them if they would have brought the master of the feast water?  They would have been shamed, fired, stoned, or fed to the gators.  Who knows?  But for some reason, they obeyed Jesus.  When they did, they exercised their faith. They did not wait for him to perform a miracle, they just did what he said and the miracle followed! He was glorified in their actions!

Ah, to be filled to the brim with Christ.

To seek him in our calling-humbling ourselves to be Holy in order to fulfill the things for which we are chosen.

No need to fear why or how.  When he speaks, obey.

Every time.

The miracles come with obedience.

Lord, this is me. Here and now. Right now, presently,  I seek to find you.  I seek to know what I do not know. I’ll wait for your instructions, yet will continue to be a servant as I wait.

To You Lord, be the glory.

To You, Lord, be the glory.

To You, Lord be the glory.

Glory to You, my Lord.

Lord, be glorified.

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