Likely story

I broke an agreement with myself tonight.

It wasn’t me, it was Jesus.

He told me I was lovely.

And, for once, I believed Him.

He really is jealous for me.

I met a woman named Tiana.  I hope that is how she spells her name.

Poor woman.

She found out Jesus loves her tonight.

She met Him.

She met Him in me.

She couldn’t believe how much He loves her.

She didn’t want Him to love her.

She thought she was not worth His time.

She said she was not worth His money.

She didn’t see it coming.

She felt bad for Him loving her.

But He loved her, relentlessly.

That lovely woman recognized Jesus.

Thank you Lord;

You let me love like you do.

And now I hurt.


Author: jmelynr

I am just a woman in this world.

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