Do you ever have one of Those nights where the time passes you by?
The household sleeps yet you creep around like a dog in the night looking for a place of rest. I’m in one of those nights right now.
I’m lurking through the corners of my heart
Peering at old hurts and memories of events that made me who I am today.
I wonder where it fits into who I am at this moment.
It suggests regret, though I feel none of that.
There’s no time for shame and hostility towards my former self; yet, I give myself permission to observe the bruises and scars left by perceptions and pain that drove me to join together the need to survive with God given idiosyncrasies.
In this I realize I have been carrying my load as a weary traveler lugging dirty clothes on a wheeled carrier filled with the remnants of a journey that has past.

The only thing I hear In this night silence is a subtle command,”write.”

Author: jmelynr

I am just a woman in this world.

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