Perfected Perfection

When I was a child, my mom was frequently pregnant.  I used to imagine God coming in at night, “fashioning” my siblings in her womb.  I visualized Him walking into the house, standing over my mom and dad as they slept-carefully studying each of them and then reaching his hands into the womb and molding body parts and a face in the likeness of my parents, slowly creating my baby sibling.  I could see this so clearly in my mind and took great comfort in the fact that He pieced each of my siblings together.

It never occurred to me that He pieced me together in the same way.

There are certain gifts and talents He gave me.  He fashioned my personality, and gave me looks that are similar to my mom, but unmistakeably alike to my dad.

He also fashioned my heart.  He gave me a soft Spirit and covered it with brute strength. He gave me a strong will, yet gifted me with a cloak of humility and submissiveness.

It’s my choice to continue being the woman God made me to be. It is also my choice to continue being the woman the world caused me to be.

I just want to be renovated.  I want to be restored into the person God created me to be.

At this time in my life, God is calling me to exciting new things that are frighteningly accurate to the desires and dreams of my heart, the prayers I have written and spoken for years on end, and prophesies spoken over me in the past.

He is also calling me to a time of yielding.  In this yielding He is providing healing. The thing with yielding is that there is always an option to go- yielding does not mean stop.  Yielding means waiting for the right moment to go.  It means allowing something abstract to take precedence over gaining an immediate result.

When you yield yourself to God, you are allowing Him to use you for what you were created for. Yielding yourself means doing only what is instructed and doing no more.  You cannot just yield your hand or your foot.  You must yield your entire being: mind, body, spirit, life, strength, and will.

When you yield yourself to God, you allow Him to fashion you; His design becomes complete in you.  As a result, He is glorified.

Oh Lord, what good is my strength if it is not in You?  What purpose does the nature of my spirit have if not bringing you glory? What good is my will if not aligned with Yours?  To what do I submit, if not to You? I need You Lord to [re]fashion me according to Your purpose.  I Yield myself to You. I fall into your love, yearning for your Spirit to feed me Your fruit and quench me with living water so that I hunger only for more of Your righteousness and thirst only for Your truth until I am overflowing in the joy of Your Spirit within me that it begins flooding my house, eventually drowning my entire household in Your glory.