Let this be our truth

 You are found in me and I am found in You

I seek the Lord in my devastating blows, waiting;

I see the lamp, dull, due to my procrastinating.

Yet He beckons me to dig deeper into the truth

seeking the promises I’ve heard since my youth.

Each step of my path has been purposed to fulfill

the destiny He set for me – to submit to His will.

Even my failures are pointing towards His glory;

each one overcome – they are part of my story.

Ashamed I am not; my head does not hang low.

His grace sustains me through every last blow.

He is my God, my Savior, Redeemer, and friend.

I receive His grace and love that has no end!

With that in my heart, I know just what to do-

Love! For You are found in me and I am found in You.