Be of Good Cheer

Be happy!  You are loved by the Creator!

It doesn’t matter what you think of you, or what others think of you; what matters is that you are His delight!

You may be facing some obstacles that you never dreamed you would have to face, but He is still the Sovereign Lord!

He did not make a mistake when He created you-

And He is not surprised when you face trials

In fact, He is using them to quicken your heart. They are an invitation to draw near to Him.

Don’t pray to be a  better person; pray for knowledge of His great LOVE.

Expect to be soaked in it!

The Heavenly Calling

In what ways does fixing one’s thoughts on Jesus and entering into His rest promote inner healing?

I’ve lived a portion of my life in my own self-made misery; a misery that enabled my own rebellion. Having known better, I’ve turned from Jesus not just once, not even twice, but innumerable times. He knows that number, though I dare not try to count. It seems that the closer I’d get to Him, the more fearful of myself I became.  I know the feelings well because I’ve experienced it so often.

I’ve been comfortable slightly on the outside, but the more I draw towards Him, the more I become a “partaker of the Heavenly calling” (Heb. 3:1), and the more it hurts.  It hurts to heal.  Isn’t it supposed to? I’ve scabbed this wound multiple times and He’s removed one time more than I’ve scabbed it.  He takes it apart bit by bit.

As I look into His being and consider His nature, I cannot help but have the inclination to yearn to receive all that He has to offer. Psalms 95:7-8 tells me, “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart in rebellion.” Lo! I don’t want to be Israel.  I don’t want to be Judah.  I do not want to ignore my Lord, but want to dwell in His presence!

Yet, these thoughts are on me!They are not on Him! Jesus!  Jesus! How does fixing my thoughts on You heal these scars? How do I allow Your hand to remove these scabs of imperfection and shame? I don’t know!  I wish I could fix my thoughts on You more so I can have inner healing.

“Behold child,” He says, “You are complete just as You are through I AM who gives you strength (Col. 2:3). Rest in Me.”

Ah! His rest.  Entering into His rest.  What is His rest?  It’s Him saying, “It is good.  What I have created is very good.”

I meditate on His rest.  It’s more than clearing my mind.  It is being in His perfect love.

At work, in His perfect love;                                                                                             Caring for my kids, in His perfect love;

Studying His Word, in His perfect love;

Righteousness, in His perfect love;

Overcoming disappointment, in His perfect love;

Healing, in His perfect love;                                                                                            Just as I am, in His perfect love;                                                                                  Believing, in His perfect love;

Loving, in His perfect love.

His Word pierces me.  I am naked before Him.  I cannot hide a single thought (Heb. 4:11-13). I go boldly before the throne of grace-broken, mired, desperate for His love.  I need it and He says I have it.

Today, I hear His voice, still.  Everything I do, in the Lord, can only be fulfilled in His rest.

What a paradox!

Glory to God our Father