Paradigm Shift

Worry is just an unwelcome guest the greets you at your need.

Life has its ups and downs-some call these peaks and valleys.  That is just a religious phrase to me.   When I’ve been at my lowest (valley), it is there that I feel my Lord nearest to me.  When I’ve been at my highest (peak), it is there that I think I understand the Lord and I think I am okay.

With this said,my peaks are my valleys and my valleys are my peaks.

Does peace benefit us most when life is peaceful and going the way we want?

Or does it better serve us when everything is slipping through our fingers and we lose all sense of control?

Does love change us when we are around those who warm our hearts?

Or does that happen when we love the selfish,  irritating, and proud?

I’ve often heard that worrying is the mind’s way of trying to control an impossible situation; but I think worrying is the first step of the flesh in yielding to God’s Sovereign will.

First we worry, then we lay it down.  It is not a sacrifice unless it is hard to give to Him.

Jesus did not invite those who were safe and without need to take an afternoon nap with Him.  He did not offer His yolk to join in with us in our already cushy and spectacular day.


Jesus said, “come all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. For my yolk is easy and my burden is light.”

There’s something to be said about that.

“Take my burden Lord, for it is straining me. Yolk me to you Oh Lord, for this ox I’m attached to is dragging me down.  Lord, I am more weary than a marathon runner at mile 23.  Jesus, my back is aching, my biceps are burning, my knees are weakening, my feet are swelling, and my neck is cramped! Take this my Savior! It is too heavy for me. Help!”

Lord, I am a sparrow; keep your eyes upon me.


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